Sydney BasedFreelance Frontend Developer

About Claudia Stamfel

Hello, I'm Claudia Stamfel. I am a freelance frontend developer based in Sydney. I like to build awesome websites, have coffee and learn new skills.

I am a self starter and was lucky enough to be mentored by some strong frontend developers. I have many years experience in Industry working for companies like Yahoo!.

If you are looking to hire me in house for a short term contract or a part time position, you might be interested in looking at my online resume and my LinkedIn profile.


My skills include, and are not limited to:

  • HTML - Expert
  • CSS - Expert
  • Wordpress - Advanced
  • Javascript - Average
  • YUI - Advanced
  • jQuery - Advanced
  • Handlerbars - Average
  • PHP - Beginner
  • Angular - Beginner (part of this site is built using Angular)
  • React - Beginner (Hello world count?)

Contact Details

There are many ways to contact me. Here are some links.


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